Pokemon Sword and Shield August Reveal | Everything we want to see from Game Freak

There’s still a lot to learn about Pokemon Sword and Shield before the games launch on Nintendo Switch later this year. Though fans know about Dynamax and Gigantamax features, a few new critters, a handful of gym leaders, and Galar’s Wild Area, details on starter evolutions, villains, and more remain shrouded in mystery. The following are a few elements that we hope Game Freak and Nintendo elaborate on at the Pokemon Sword and Shield August reveal set for August 7 at 9 AM PT.

Pokemon Sword and Shield August Reveal Wish List | Starter evolutions

pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield will keep tradition alive by allowing fans to choose from one of three starter Pokemon. Scorbunny is a Fire type, Sobble is a Water type, and Grookey is a Grass type. While the critters have cute base forms, their second and third evolution designs have yet to be revealed. It’ll be interesting to learn what move sets the creatures will adopt and if any will gain an additional type. Unfortunately, the odds of Scorbunny becoming a fire and fighting Pokemon are high given its athletic ability. Game Freak may have determined that Ruby and Sapphire‘s Torchic, Diamond and Pearl‘s Chimchar, and Black and White‘s Tepig are simply not enough.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield August Reveal Wish List | More information on the transit system

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Another intriguing aspect of Pokemon Sword and Shield that Game Freak has yet to talk about is the transit system. The developer hasn’t disclosed if the feature would simply act as another fast travel method or if it will allow players to access special areas in the Galar region. A fan theory suggests that trains could transport fans to another region entirely. It makes sense, given how Galar is based on the United Kingdom and Pokemon X and Y‘s Kalos is based on France. The latter pair of titles also reference an unknown region during cutscenes and at train stations. Though the company may want to keep Kalos in Sword and Shield a secret, it may be a good idea to let audiences know of its inclusion now to combat further controversy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield August Reveal Wish List | Galar’s villainous team

Pokemon Sun and Moon

An alleged leak suggests that Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s villainous group will be called Team Yell. The grunts are in support of two new characters called Marnie and Bede. While the leaker didn’t disclose what the association’s motivations are, one can assume that it will involve the exploitation of Pokemon. Team Yell may go so far as to enlist the help of Sword and Shield‘s supposed evil legendary, Eternatus, to trigger an apocalyptic event like that in Ruby and Sapphire. If Black and White‘s N can take control of Zekrom and Reshiram, who’s to say that Marnie and Bede can’t follow in his footsteps? Of course, Sword and Shield may opt to introduce a group similar to Sun and Moon‘s hilarious Team Skull. Strange poses and hand gestures are always wanted in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Sword and Shield August Reveal Wish List | More gym details

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusive Pokemon

Game Freak revealed Sword and Shield‘s Grass-type gym leader Milo and Water-type gym leader Nessa during this year’s E3. A month after, the developer disclosed that Fighting-type expert Bea and Ghost-type master Allister will be version exclusive bosses. Around the same time, the official Sword and Shield website updated to include more information on Galar’s regional champion, Leon, stating that he is undefeated at Pokemon battles and won the championship during his first Gym Challenge. One of the Pokemon on his team is Charizard, but the rest of his party remains a mystery. Leon himself is a bit enigmatic, though fans do know that they will facing off against his younger brother, Hop, as they make their way through Sword and Shield.

While more information on Galar’s gym leaders would be nice (Fairy, Flying, and Electric-type gym leaders are likely), it’s unclear how players will gain endorsements in order to challenge these foes. One can assume that key characters like Leon, Chairman Rose, and Oleana will give endorsements to trainers after witnessing them face off against Sword and Shield‘s villain team, but that remains to be seen. It’ll be also interesting to learn how the Champion Cup will work, as the Sword and Shield website states “exemplary trainers throughout the region” will be fighting against one another for a chance to take on the reigning champ. Will rivals that players meet on their journey pop up for another battle? If so, will they be replacing the Elite Four featured in prior entries? Though it seems like the next generation of Pokemon games is shaking up the formula yet again, Game Freak has yet to explain the process of becoming number one.

Pokemon Sword and Shield August Reveal Wish List | More Pokemon and regional variants

pokemon sword and shield alcremie close-up

Of course, more information on Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s new critters is always a good thing — even if it means detailing the evolutionary trees of such strange beings as the creamy Alcremie. Regional variants would be a nice inclusion too, considering how many of Sun and Moon‘s Alola forms were met with praise when they revealed three years ago. New looks for other monsters from the first generation of Pokemon games, like Farfetch’d (who is rumored) and Dragonite, would be welcome. That rumored seagull Pokemon even sounds… interesting.

Seeing as how a “Galar Research Update” is scheduled for tomorrow, there’s a good chance that Game Freak and Nintendo will touch upon some of the features above soon. Though many Pokemon from past entries won’t make an appearance, having access to another region or the opportunity to catch a vast variety of new creatures may be enough to convince critics to pick up one of the two games on November 15.