A Way Out sales hit 2 million, developer Hazelight teases new game

Developer Hazelight Studios has just tweeted that its co-op prison escape game A Way Out sales have hit 2 million. The studio headed by Josef Fares is probably pleased, judging by the excited tweet. The announcement didn’t end without a short statement teasing the next Hazelight Studios game, commenting that players “will go nuts.”

A Way Out has sold 2 (two!) million copies,” the tweet said. “To all the millions of co-op fans out there, thank you for embracing the story of Leo and Vincent! We can’t wait to show our next awesome co-op game – we know you will go nuts!”

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There isn’t much info doing the rounds on the next Hazelight Studios game. We do know that it will be published by Electronic Arts, just as it happened with A Way Out. We also know that it is going to be “very different” from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, and will be longer than the latter.

The tweet clearly states that it will once again be a co-op game, something that Hazelight Studios has done before. Its two previous games are both two-player co-op adventures with original mechanics layered throughout. Considering that A Way Out sold 2 million copies, it’s likely that the studio has high hopes for its next game.

A Way Out tells the story of two convicted prisoners Leo and Vincent looking to escape and enact revenge on those that betrayed them. It was only playable in co-op, either split screen or online, with the second player being able to join a session even if they don’t own the game.

Hazelight Studios’ Josef Fares is known for his rebellious and passionate attitude towards the video game industry, turning into a celebrity and internet meme due to his “F*** the Oscars” rant at The Game Awards 2017.