Sjin sexual harassment allegations prompt Yogscast departure

Yogscast founder Lewis Brindley has announced that another content creator will now be leaving the popular YouTube channel based on allegations of inappropriate behavior. Sjin sexual harassment allegations—pertaining to Paul “Sjin” Sykes, of course—have come to light and mean that the entertainment company has lost its third employee in the space of a month due to misconduct. The departure follows Yogscast CEO Mark “Turps” Turpin’s swift resignation and content creator Matthew “CaffCast” Meredith’s termination, both due to similar allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Sexual harassment allegations with specific regards to Sjin are said to have been floating around the internet since 2016, though seemingly they’re only now coming to a head amidst the current wider Yogscast furor. Despite this, Brindley would neither confirm or deny the validity of the allegations aimed at Sykes. He did acknowledge that some members of the Yogscast community were made to feel “uncomfortable or upset” by Sjin’s behavior, continuing to apologize for that fact, and also confirm that the actions which caused upset are in breach of the Yogscast code of conduct.

After the two discussed this breach, it’s said that Sjin decided to take an “extended break,” which amounts to him leaving the Yogscast network. In a statement on Reddit, Paul “Sjin” Sykes admitted that he’s been engaging in private contact with members of the Yogscast community for a “long time,” and that the behavior he exhibited in some of those exchanges wouldn’t be deemed “appropriate” by some. He later apologized and confirmed that he plans to return to content creation at some point later in his life, but presumably not under the Yogscast umbrella.

Whilst none of the allegations have yet progressed past that stage, it’s perhaps surprising to see them surface at all where Yogscast is concerned. The group is known for its approachable Minecraft Let’s Plays and an audience that perhaps skews towards the younger end of the YouTube spectrum.