Black Desert Xbox One update adds Archer class, Kamasylvia region and fairy companion

The latest Black Desert Xbox One update is a substantial one, adding a new class, a whole new region, and a fairy companion to Pearl Abyss’ fantasy MMORPG.

The Archer is the male equivalent of the Ranger, one of the starting classes in the game. This class is known for its inestimable agility and the stylish way in that he can dodge enemy attacks while simultaneously shooting arrows. The Archer starts the adventure with two weapons that can be freely switched—the Crossbow and the Greatbow—and possesses magic attacks that make for an extremely versatile warrior.

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Kamasylvia is the vast new region that this Black Desert Xbox One update adds to the already extensive map. This lush forest territory is the homeland to the elves and contains several areas for players to explore. You may choose to risk your loot in the treacherous woods or in the impressive temple ruins, visiting ancient landmarks such as the Old Wisdom Tree, but always on the lookout for petrifying bosses.

If you feel like this is a solitary journey despite being surrounded by hundreds of other players, you can now recruit the helpful fairy companion, Laila. You can obtain Laila by completing the Fairy Queen Theiah that the Black Spirit offers you. Laila isn’t just there for show, either; she can gift the player with various skills such as Tingling Breath and Feather Steps.

To celebrate the release of this update, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play Black Desert Online for free starting August 15 through August 18. All bundles will be on sale during this period, with the Standard and Deluxe Editions retailing for 30% off and the Ultimate Edition being 50% off. If you purchase Black Desert during this play for free trial you will get to continue your adventure, since your progress will be saved and migrated to the edition that you purchased.