Metro series author will be involved with the Metro Exodus sequel

While the Metro franchise is based on Dmitry Glukhovsky‘s popular series of novels, its most recent release, Metro Exodus, wasn’t actually written by him. However, that looks to change with the recently revealed sequel. The author confirmed that he’s writing the story for the Metro Exodus sequel.

Glukhovsky made the reveal via a post on his Instagram page. The post confirms his return to writing the game’s story after skipping out on Metro Exodus. Andrei Paskhalov, who did English translations for the prior Metro games, instead took over writing duties for that Exodus.

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Of course, Glukhovsky has always maintained a close relationship with 4A Games and the video games based on his books. The studio did base Metro 2033 on Glukhovsky’s novel of the same name after all.

More interesting however is the second game, Metro: Last Light. While 4A Games did not base that game on any of the novels, Glukhovsky was still involved in its story. Eventually, the author wrote enough material that he turned it into the third novel in the series: Metro 2035. With this in mind, it’s interesting that Glukhovsky didn’t return to write the story for Metro Exodus.

Whatever the reason for his absence in Metro Exodus, Glukhovsky is now back writing the story for the sequel. Of course, this does raise the question of whether or not a new Metro novel is in the works as well. As mentioned above, the relationship between the games and novels is quite close. Perhaps Glukhovsky was once again inspired by a game to write more material for the series. Or it could possibly be that the author had been planning a book all along. This could explain why the sequel is coming so quickly after Metro Exodus, instead of having the long wait of the previous games.