Metro Exodus sequel in development

When Metro Exodus launched earlier this year, it did so nearly six years after the previous game in the series, Metro: Last Light. For its follow up however, it seems that fans won’t wont have to wait as long. THQ Nordic recently confirmed that 4A Games was working on a Metro Exodus sequel.

THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors made the reveal while talking to investors during a presentation today. Prior to this, the company had announced that series creator 4A Games was working on an “undisclosed, AAA project.” Wingefor’s announcement now seems to confirm that this project is a fourth Metro Game.

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The Metro Exodus sequel is just one of the games that THQ Nordic revealed today. A report from the same investor meeting also confirmed that a new Saints Row game was in the works, while also hinting at a possible TimeSplitters sequel. Strangely enough, the report did not include any mention of the new Metro game.

That said, the report from the meeting did include mention of Metro Exodus‘ success at retail. It mentions how the game’s publisher Deep Silver, which THQ Nordic owns, did well during the last quarter due to “the continued strength” of the game. Indeed, THQ Nordic earlier confirmed that the game had its largest launch ever.

With this in mind, 4A Games working on a sequel should come as no surprise. Additionally, the game’s strong sales should help ensure that the upcoming sequel hits PC. Earlier this year, one of Metro Exodus‘ developers made a comment stating that a PC version of the sequel wouldn’t happen if the former didn’t sell on PC. This was due to a possibly boycott due to it being an Epic Games Store exclusive. However, with the game being as successful as it was, the sequel will likely end up on PC as well.