Spelunky 2 release date delayed

Spelunky made a name for itself as one of the first games to popularize mixing roguelike elements with other genres. As such, fans have been eagerly awaiting its sequel. That said, it looks like they’ll have to wait a little longer. The game’s creator announced that the Spelunky 2 release date has been delayed.

Mossmouth’s Derek Yu announced the delay in a Twitter thread where he explained the reasons for it. In it, he stated that he didn’t think his team at Mossmouth would be able to get the game out “this year.” That said, he stated that development was “still going well,” and that the team was “not far off target.” However, the “density and detail” required by the game means that the team needs more time to work on it.

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As part of the thread, Yu also apologized for the lack of updates to the game. He admitted that it was tough having to balance development work and communicating with fans, while trying to avoid spoiling too much about the game. However, he assured fans that the team not saying anything simply means it’s simply busy working on the game.

Additionally, Yu did mention that his team was listening to feedback from fans. Specifically, he referred to the original trailer, where fans complained about the lack of detail in the game’s environments. As such, they team added more detail while also increasing the game’s contrast to make those details pop. He however did not mention whether or not these additions were partly to blame for the delay.

Yu’s thread also did not give out any specific date, or even window for when Spelunky 2 would actually get released. The game originally had a 2019 release date for PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. However, his message does seem to imply that it’ll likely launch in 2020 instead, given how he said the title is “not far off target.”