Daymare: 1998 release date announced for PC

The Resident Evil-like Daymare: 1998 received an official release date yesterday. The Daymare: 1998 release date brings the third-person survival horror game to players later this summer on September 17 on PC for $29.99.

Developer Invader Studios announced the Daymare: 1998 release date with a new trailer. The trailer focuses on one of the game’s three protagonists, a forest ranger and “regular guy” named Sam. Invader Studios describes Sam as a respected citizen of Keen Sight, the town where Daymare: 1998 takes place. Sam apparently has some kind of unknown greater destiny to make a contribution to the future of Keen Sight, but he’s hindered by a condition that he’s forced to manage with regular pill doses. Invader Studios previously revealed another protagonist, Liev, who is a Russian special forces agent-turned American security operative that arrives in Keen Sight to deal with the monsters appearing there. A free demo is also available now, downloadable via the game’s Steam page.

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Invader Studios was founded by the creators of an unofficial Unreal Engine 4 remake of Resident Evil 2 called “Resident Evil 2 Reborn.” A video of the game’s alpha version gained more than a million views on YouTube within a week of release, but the project was scrapped when the official Resident Evil 2 remake was announced later that year. Invader Studios was then invited to visit Capcom’s headquarters after the remake’s reveal, and the studio’s current development team includes “VIP advisors” such as the director of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Kazuhiro Aoyama, and the enemy lead designer of the Resident Evil series, Satoshi Nakai. It’s not clear if Daymare: 1998 is a direct adaptation of that Resident Evil 2 Reborn demo into its own, non-Resident Evil game, but the game’s small-town setting, methodical third-person combat, and enemy designs are all highly reminiscent of the Resident Evil series.