Amazing Apex Legends clip is worthy of featuring in a trailer

Do you know when video game trailers show all sorts of totally unrealistic gameplay feats, especially within the context of a multiplayer match, and you know that there’s just no way it’d ever happen in the real world? Well, that’s because they’re meticulously planned and rehearsed, for the most part. However, on some very rare occasions, such feats do happen to legit players. One such occasion recently occurred, resulting in an amazing Apex Legends clip being shared on Reddit.

You can check the impressive 8-second segment of gameplay out here, in which a skilled Mirage player drops into the new Gauntlet map section—located in the southwest area of Kings Canyon, having been introduced in the recent Iron Crown update—and pulls off some sick stunts before securing an absolutely stunning kill with a Mozambique shotgun, of all weapons. The new Gauntlet area is entirely inspired by the first post-launch addition to Apex Legends‘ playable character roster, the adrenaline junkie Octane. As a result, the location is somewhat similar to what you’d see at a motocross show, featuring huge ramps and flaming rings.

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The player—whose screen name we can’t make out, unfortunately—lands on and slides down one ramp before hitting a jump pad (similar to those which Octane can place as his ultimate ability) and perfectly flying through the center of a ring of fire suspended in mid-air, grabbing a golden Mozambique whilst airborne. They then land on another ramp, bounce from another jump pad into an adjacent building, then get a kill with two incredibly well-placed shots having never slowed down; it’s all one fluid movement.

They were playing in the game’s default squad matchmaking mode, allowing them a stage to rightfully show off to their teammates, but there is currently a solo queue available as a limited-time addition to Apex Legends. Whether or not it’ll return after the Iron Crown event concludes is currently unknown, though most fans would certainly like to see that happen.