Apex Legends community furious over new item packs

The new Iron Crown event is causing quite some commotion among the Apex Legends community. This limited-time event introduces solos in the popular battle toyale game from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, but it also adds the Iron Crown Collection Packs, which is where the problem lies for some.

Many players are raging over these packs on Reddit, with multiple posts pointing fingers at EA for the outrageous pricing. One specific post from Reddit user HerpMcHerp nicely sums up the entire situation, detailing the process and the overall spend that a player may expect to get all the packs, or at least to get a shot at the skins they desire.

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The new event adds 24 new items or skins. Each pack costs 700 Apex coins (roughly $7), something that is the first part of the problem. You only receive two Apex packs for free while playing the game, so if you want the rest of the items, you have to purchase the remaining 22 packs. When all is said and done, you must spend $154 to get all the packs.

However, it’s unlikely that most players want to get all the items. They may be eyeing a couple of favorites, but the odds of getting them are small due to the RNG mechanics. Even if EA states that there are “no Commons, no Rares, and no duplicates” included in the 24 Iron Crown Collection Packs, the overall picture is somewhat bleak and expensive. To make matters worse, if you want to get the Bloodhound Heirloom Set, you need to have every Iron Crown item and spend an additional $40 to buy it. Neither EA nor Respawn have respawnded responded to the outrage.

While Apex Legends is a free-to-play game and needs to make money to strive, these packs are seem by a section of the playerbase as a step too far in the controversial in the already controversial space of microtransactions.