Sega HMKD teaser site revealed for upcoming AAA game

A new Sega HMKD teaser site was just launched anticipating the upcoming AAA game that the Japanese studio will be revealing at Gamescom 2019. The cryptic HMKD website opens with the message “Be the first to know.” Oddly enough, the clicking the button doesn’t actually show anything about the title.

Instead, it merely opens a standard sign up form for you to enter your email and wait for the big reveal. There isn’t a lot more going on, but there are a few clues doing the rounds that tell us more about the yet unannounced game.

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The most telling piece of info is a Sega trademark in Japan dating from December 2018. The name Humankind was later trademarked for the United States and Canada in April 2019 as well, which is indication that the game is going to be available outside of Japan.

The Sega HMKD teaser site shows a dark background with a heart rate monitor. Sign up for more info and you will receive an email with a fully functioning monitor and the following message:

“We’re glad you’re here. We’ll keep you in the loop, stay tuned. Be the first to know…”

Players are already coming up with all sorts of theories about what kind of game this could be. Everything seems to point to a new IP, but some Sega fans are quick to notice that it could be a new Trauma Center game. However, there is no mention of developer Atlus anywhere, and it’s a bit of a stretch to think that this would be the “unannounced AAA game” that Sega is going to announce during Gamescom 2019. It’s unlikely that this is the site for Creative Assembly’s upcoming tactical hero shooter, but we are not ruling that out yet.

Humankind is most likely a new IP, but all doubts will be cleared when Sega reveals the game at Gamescom 2019, which runs from August 20 to 24 in Germany.

Sega HMKD Humankind teaser site