Journey to the Savage Planet release date, price, and co-op mode revealed

Journey to the Savage Planet had a quiet yet impressive showing at E3 but it was still a game that was shrouded in mystery. While that may be thematically appropriate, given how encourages players to discover their surroundings, publisher 505 Games has finally revealed the Journey to the Savage Planet release date as well as its price and new co-op mode. The game will come out physically and digitally on January 28, 2020 in North America for $29.99 (and January 31 worldwide) on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

The game is currently available for pre-order on PSN and the Epic Games Store and all people who pre-order on those two platforms will get 10% off (digital Xbox One pre-orders will go live “soon”). Everyone who pre-orders will get in-game items such as the Martin Tweed bobblehead, who is the man you might have seen in the live action scenes in the game, as well as the “4th Best” pistol charm that gives players a better chance to snag rarer loot drops. PS4 players will also receive a dynamic theme and those who pre-order on the Epic Games Store will get a digital wallpaper. It is unknown if the Xbox One version will receive a discount or any special wallpapers.

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Co-op was also announced alongside the price and release date. It will support two players online and let both explorers wander around the titular savage planet, explore the terrain, and catalog the flora and fauna. Not much else was shown about the newly unveiled mode but it will be playable behind closed doors at PAX West on August 29 to September 2 so expect more information to roll out about it then. The single-player demo, however, will be playable at 505’s booth during PAX West.