Blair Witch story takes ‘between 5 to 6 hours’ to finish

There is no need to make room in your busy schedule if you’re considering playing the upcoming Blair Witch game that’s coming out on August 30. The Blair Witch story is something that you can beat in a single long sitting or two medium sittings, according to its developer.

Speaking to GameWatcher, Bloober Team’s Maciej Glomb said that it should take “between five to six hours” for players to complete the Blair Witch story. However, this is a game that invites further playthroughs, with the acquired knowledge of the game’s ending improving the experience.

“I think it might be cool to play it once more to just you know, with this knowledge of how the game ends from the beginning,” he said. “It makes the experience completely different.”

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In another interview, this time speaking to Windows Central, Glomb says that the team “didn’t want to stretch the game too much,” stating that it “wanted to make it not too short but not too long, so it’s a really good experience for two evenings for you.”

The Blair Witch story invites replayability, with multiple endings and branching paths as the game tracks player behavior in ways that will affect the outcome. As our Blair Witch interview revealed, there is a lot that can change depending on your natural choices. There are a ton of different subplots that can change based on what you choose to do. For example, picking up your wife’s call might alter that specific subplot as you can also choose to ignore it.

Your dog Bullet plays an important role in the Blair Witch story. You can pet him, but scolding him is a feature as well, and one that influences Bullet’s behavior. This is another aspect that affects the storyline in some whay, so there are several factors at play that will determine how it all pans out.