Rumor: New The Last of Us 2 trailer revealed today at GameStop Manager’s Conference

A new The Last of Us Part 2 trailer or gameplay may have been revealed today during the GameStop Manager’s Conference. If this information based on tweets from those there at the event turn out to be true, we may be about to witness some new footage from Naughty Dog’s anticipated action adventure.

A tweet by @Gaming_Forte shows a photo of a screen with The Last of Us Part 2 logo. He adds a slim bit of info about the showcased trailer, describing it as “very short, but great vertical slice of gameplay”, and that gameplay was about stealth, and how you can use clickers to your advantage.

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Troy Baker, the actor that lends his voice to Joel, was also present during this The Last of Us Part 2 reveal, giving strength to the rumor. Joel is one of the most enigmatic players in this sequel to the PlayStation 3 classic, but judging by Baker’s more frequent appearances and the prominent discussion over Joel’s less-than-heroic actions, this is hinting at a big part for the bearded protagonist of the first game.

When asked when Naughty Dog is willing to show this footage to the public, @Gaming_Forte replied with a simple “soon.”

Another user known as BenjiSales addedthat, from his experience, “there is something that will be released publicly not much later due to the fact there’s thousands of managers that may leak it.” He said he believes that we should see some sort of announcement within a month, maybe less, probably this The Last of Us Part 2 trailer footage, or an official release date.

Every rumor is pointing to a February 2020 The Last of Us Part 2 release date. Ellie’s voice actress Ashley Johnson seemingly almost revealed the date to the world, but despite Naughty Dog’s silence on the matter, it’s safe to say that everyone is expecting The Last of Us Part 2 to drop in February 2020. Unlike Baker’s famous words, fans are probably are more than ready.