Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse expansion cards, release date, video game crossover announced

The Pokemon Company has just announced the latest expansion to its long-running Pokemon Trading Card Game, which will introduce a number of new “Tag Team” variation cards featuring both Pokemon and Trainers. The Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse expansion won’t only bring new content to the card game, however, as a crossover with 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as later releases Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will reward players with a couple of Shiny new team fixtures.

The expansion’s main attraction is undoubtedly the new cards, and perhaps foremost among them are a pair of tag team trios. Legendary and Mythical Pokemon unite on the team of Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia-GX, while the “adorable-but-mighty” team of Togepi, Cleffa, and Igglybuff-GX round out the expansion’s pair of available trios.

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New additions that depict Trainer duos, know as Tag Team Supporter cards, include the likes Red and Blue and Cynthia and Kaitlyn, though there are also “special versions” of some cards which feature Trainers with their trademark associated Pokemon. All told, the Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse expansion will include nine new tag team Pokemon-GX, seven additional Pokemon-GX, over 20 Trainer cards, and a new Special Energy card.

That’s a lot to get to grips with, so players are being extended the opportunity both to assess the new cards digitally via the Card Dex app starting when they launch on November 1, and also to check them out in person at one of the pre-release tournaments (find your local event here) running October 19–27. However, you can get a glimpse of the new card designs right now courtesy of the reveal trailer below.

If you’re here for the video game crossover news, fans will be pleased to know that they can pick up download codes from participating retailers on October 1–November 15. Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun owners can redeem a Shiny Lunala, while Moon and Ultra Moon owners are entitled to a Shiny Solgaleo. Both Pokemon will be credited to players at a starting level of 60.