Mordhau developer kicks player after humiliating death by frying pan

Medieval multiplayer combat game Mordhau hit the PC scene with a bang when it released almost out of the blue earlier this year. The highly skill-dependant melee combat system, which has led some particularly proficient players to adopt the humble frying pan as their weapon of choice, appears to scratch an itch that other games cannot. Tasting deep-fried defeat at the hands of such a weapon is humiliating, as illustrated by this Mordhau developer who kicks a player following their 1v1.

Twitch streamer GIRU is a top Mordhau player, and after he put one of the game’s developers down using a kitchen cooking utensil he was swiftly removed from the match. While done in a tongue-in-cheek manner that elicited laughter and no hard feelings from GIRU, the loss was particularly bad for the defeated dev due to the fact that GIRU also opted to wear unprotective peasant garb and took the time to cackle with laughter using in-game character voice lines.

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By comparison, the developer was fully kitted out in plate armor and wielded a nasty-looking polearm, yet was still (somehow) left in a bloody heap on the ground at the end of the 1v1. Something tells us that the Twitch chat response would not have been kind.

While in this instance the exchange was all in good fun, the Mordhau community has been known to be somewhat toxic, no doubt in some capacity influenced by the sorts of embarrassing defeats the game enables its most skilled players to deliver. Previously we reported on how this was causing player numbers to drastically decline.

Highly shareable clips showcasing insanely skillful plays, which generally wouldn’t be possible in similar games, have played a large part in Mordhau‘s success and will seemingly continue to do so with breaking stories like this. You can check out the unfortunate developer’s defeat in the clip below.