Hidden game files point towards Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release

Rumors have been swirling around a potential Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release for a while now. We’ve previously reported on the fact that the open-world Wild West game’s companion app seemingly leaked the specs for a PC version, and that the source code for Rockstar’s own Social Club website later offered further hints as to the existence of a PC version. Now, however, evidence has been discovered within the game itself.

A user by the name of VideoTech UK recently posted their findings on the GTAForums, discovered after they data-mined Red Dead Redemption 2‘s game files. Among the data they found a file containing PC specific presets and settings, including DirectX 11 and Direct X 12 support, texture quality, MSAA, and refresh rate options.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release

While they aren’t included in the above image, the GTAForum user also claims that there are settings pertaining to features including “grass quality, shader settings, particle settings, motion blur, etc.” If that isn’t evidence enough, VideoTech UK also posted the below PC monitor setting which they say should help to persuade “those who will doubt this leak.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release

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Of course, this doesn’t explicitly confirm that Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely coming to PC, but with mounting evidence coming from official Rockstar sources—those being the companion app, Social Club, and RDR2 game itself—it’s certainly looking increasingly likely, if not yet certain.

Some even speculated that the recent “Bonaire” Australian Classification Board leak, which saw an unknown Rockstar Games property refused classification in the region, might be related to a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release. Perhaps more likely on that occasion, however, due to Bonaire being the name of a Caribbean island, was that it would relate to future DLC for the game.

While these leaks seem quite likely to be accurate, recently fellow Rockstar game Bully 2 supposedly had a couple of leaked map screenshots debunked, with their originator stating “It’s all fake” when pressed on the matter.