New Smash Bros. Ultimate Portal makes it easier to find tournaments

new Smash Bros. Ultimate portal has been revealed, giving players a way to get together and compete much easier than before. If you’ve been wondering how to find Super Smash Bros. tournaments, you won’t have to worry about spending who knows how long googling around for the latest updates to the competitive scene.

Players looking to get a bit competitive can now make use of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate portal. This special section of the Nintendo website will allow you to find upcoming events where you can try your hand at beating competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players at locations throughout the world. While this sounds pretty cool, it seems that the system is contingent on the tournament creators taking the time to properly submit it through the system.

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Gamers hosting tournaments for between 32–140 will probably have to apply for a Community License. This class of Tournament License mandates a maximum size, a promise to abide by the terms and conditions, and no sponsors (save for physical equipment). The website says that it can take up to 15 days for an application of this class to be processed.

If you’re aiming to do something bigger, you’ll have to apply for the “Individual License.” This is a catch-all for tournaments that exceed the restrictions outlined for the Community License, such as by having more than 140 participants or having sponsors beyond just the physical equipment being used for the tournament itself. (While “physical equipment” isn’t specified, I imagine that that means stuff like rented Nintendo Switches, televisions, and the like.)

Once a tournament has been submitted to the Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament portal, it will be listed on the portal for everyone to see.  From there, you can click on it and be taken to the tournament’s website where you can get into the details of signing up. Go ahead and check out what tournaments are coming up for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!