Fortnite streamer Formula tells new content creators to ‘sell your bed’ and ‘don’t get a job,’ gets called out for it

[Image Credit: Formula / Instagram]

For many players, getting to be a full-time streamer is a dream job. With this in mind, professional Fortnite player Formula recently shared some advice on how to go down this path. However, some have found Formula’s advice to be dubious, resulting in the streamer getting called out for it.

Formula, who plays Fortnite for Luminosity Gaming, recently put out a list of things he believed prospective streamers and content creators should do on Twitter. The list garnered a lot of negative attention for some of the extremes Formula put into it.  stated the now deleted tweet.

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A number of people immediately called Formula out for how unhealthy some of the extremes in his list.”Living like shit does not equal hard work,” stated streamer and esports writer Crystal Mill. “This is highly toxic advice.” Meanwhile, some of Formula’s other followers pointed out how unhealthy his prescribed diet was. One follower even claimed it could lead to death, or at the very least cause hearing loss and blindness.

Others however were left wondering if Formula’s advice was meant to be a meme or a joke. Facebook Gaming streamer Chris Allen initially thought the tweet was an attempt at the former and wondered why people were taking it seriously. Meanwhile, others have actually started making fun of the tweet. YouTuber uhhShawn joked that the cheapest air mattress he could find cost $11, meaning he couldn’t get past step one on Formula’s list.

Despite this however, a number of people have also come out in defense of Formula’s list. YouTuber Cereal pointed out that they spent three years with only a $400 computer while they weren’t making money on their channel. Cereal, who was able to grow their channel to a over a million subscribers, emphasized that people didn’t realize that “you can make something work from nothing if you really want it bad enough.” Meanwhile, Restrict, who edits videos for FaZe Clan admitted that he got his start editing videos from his mother’s laptop.

More importantly, Formula’s own teammates from within Luminosity Gaming have come out in support of the list. Nicks, who also plays Fortnite for the organization, defended Formula, stating that the latter was speaking from his own experiences. Specifically, he mentioned that they both went through this back when they were at Red House, the content creation team for the Red Reserve esports organization.

Formula himself responded to the reaction with a video clarifying what he meant with his list. In the video, he stated that the point of his list was about the importance of proper budgeting for anyone looking to get into content creation. In addition to this, he admitted that the examples he used may have been “a little bit too extreme.” However, he stated that these were based on his own experiences when he was just starting out as a streamer.

Specifically, the bed example was something he actually did. He explained that he slept on an air mattress for six months before he could afford his own bed. Meanwhile, the comment about “not getting a job” was  more about the value of a content creators time. While he admitted that it was okay for someone to get a job while starting out as a content creator, this would  eat into their time for making content for their stream or channel.

While the way Formula initially presented his message may have been dubious, he does still have a point. Trying to be a streamer or content creator isn’t easy, there are a number of sacrifices and hard decisions that must be made on the road to success.

[Image Credit: Formula/Instagram]