Sea of Thieves pets can now be shot out of cannons by evil players

Rare’s open-world pirate simulator wasn’t too warmly received when it first hit PC and Xbox One back in March, 2018. Ever since then, the beloved British development studio has been hard at work polishing the game’s poop deck to a high sheen, redeeming the online pirate adventure in the eyes of many and giving the game a hard-earned second wind. With the long-awaited arrival of the Sea of Thieves pets update, perhaps now it’s in better shape than ever.

One feature of the new update is likely to be contentious, however. It’s been discovered that players’ adorable adopted in-game pets—currently limited to classic piratical playmates in a monkey and a parrot— can be loaded into any of a ship’s cannons and mercilessly fired off into the distance by those of a sadistic disposition.

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This hot Reddit clip showcases the questionable behavior in action, with the unfortunate test subject being fired so far that they seemingly pop out of existence. Presumably the player was able to retrieve their undoubtedly sore simian; otherwise, that will prove to be a costly experiment.

Pets in Sea of Thieves are premium customization items, purchased in the new real-world money shop called The Pirate Emporium. Pets can then be named, perched on your ship, or taken out on adventures where they’ll react to player emotes and dance to any tunes you might play with the game’s range of musical instruments.

You can also feed them, just like in real life, with the potentially picky eaters throwing up if they don’t like what you elect to stuff in their faces. This tidbit is oddly relevant considering that in a recent Sea of Thieves developer livestream a monkey was sick on one unlucky dev’s shoulder. Don’t worry, though: unlike the virtual monkey that was shot out of a cannon, Rare later confirmed that Antonio the real barfing monkey is “fine.”