Zenyatta helicopter mod sends him soaring above the map

Zenyatta helicopter mod has been created by an industrious Redditor and it’s pretty darn cool. The Overwatch workshop is getting new features added every few weeks, and it seems that some modders are leveraging them to create some truly unique experiences.

First posted on the /r/Overwatch subreddit, the “Zencopter” shows the Omnic priest flying a good 30–40 feet in the air with a helicopter blade spinning above him. Someone playing Soldier:76 is shooting at him and the Zencopter begins shooting back with what appears to be a faster-firing version of Doomfist’s primary attack. It seems pretty powerful as it is, but it just gets crazier from there.

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After the initial wave of Doomfist shotgun fire, the Zenyatta helicopter mod steps things up even further: The Zencopter begins carpet-bombing the general area. These bombs aren’t some tiny grenades, either—it drops what appears to be dozens of Tracer’s pulse bombs. That’s right, the Zencopter fires off dozens of an ultimate ability like it’s nothing big.

Sustained fire from the player on Soldier:76 and others eventually brought the Zencopter crashing to the ground and it appears to have dropped even more bombs on the way down. The killfeed showed that “Zenyatta” was eliminated, indicating that this was probably a bot and not another player taking the controls.

The creator of the Zenyatta helicopter mod is /u/Zezombye, and he said that this isn’t the end of this crazy creation. When asked for a workshop code, his only response was that he would release it when it’s finished. He also teased some information about the mod: What we see here today is just a single minion that is going to lead up to an even bigger boss fight.

Overwatch has been pretty limited for PVE content, but the Zenyatta helicopter mod shows that Overwatch workshop users are finally getting good enough to make their stuff for players to enjoy. However this mod turns out in the end, it’s sure to be an interesting experience.

Introducing: the Zencopter from Overwatch