Forsen fights Dr Disrespect and Twitch memes in ‘Forsengun’ fan game

There are Twitch streamers, and then there are Twitch streamers who are popular enough to inspire their own fan game. Forsen was recently playing one such game titled Forsengun, an amusing first-person shooter that sees him fighting Twitch memes, emoji, Dr Disrespect, and anime.

Forsengun was showcased on a Forsen stream yesterday where he played it in its entirety from start to finish. It takes the player through various levels packed with in-jokes, Twitch memes, and various other silly bits of internet culture. This fan-made game also showcased a bit of a minor feud between himself and Dr Disrespect in the form of a boss fight.

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Our protagonist was going through a level that looked like it was some sort of grocery store. Emoji would fly at him and he’d have to shoot them down as they approached, uttering the scream of “Shy Ronnie” from a The Lonely Island music video on death. (As I’ve said, it’s packed with internet memes!) The conclusion of the level saw him head into a bathroom stall, and there’s where the hilarious magic happened.

As Forsen stood mystified in the stall, some string music began to swell. It was then that we saw a head began to peek over a stall which was eventually revealed to be that of Dr Disrespect. He was holding a camera, referring to an incident where he was banned from Twitch after walking into a bathroom at E3 2019 while livestreaming. (Dr Disrespect was later unbanned 14 days into a 30-day ban.)

The bathroom stall scene was followed by a full-fledged boss fight which you can see in the full stream where Forsen plays the fan game. His battles also included a thrilling fight against himself from the past, anime, and several other oddities that will probably only make sense to his dedicated viewers. You can grab the Forsengun fan game over on Reddit, and you can watch the magic moment in the bathroom stall in the Twitch clip below.