Civilization 6 PS4 release date revealed at State of Play 2019

The Civilization 6 PS4 release date has been revealed at Sony’s most recent State of Play stream. It will come out on November 22, 2019, but no price was given. There is also a bundle that includes two expansions, Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall. But this bundle is being sold separately for an undetermined price.

This is the first Civ game on PS4. Civ 6 first came on on PC in October 2016 and then came to the Switch last November. But PS4 owners get a special gift for waiting. They get the Nubia, Khmer, and Indonesia Civ and scenario packs for free when it releases. All of the scenario packs are already on PC and range in price from $5 to $9 so getting them for free is the bonus, as they are not exclusive. However, if the Switch version is any indication, it will likely be a full-priced game when it does come out on PS4. It’s also still $60 on Steam as well with the deluxe edition coming in at $80.

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Firaxis nor the official Civ Twitter account have talked about the port or what features it could have. It is likely the same game but on the console with console controls.

The last Civ game on PlayStation was Civ Revolution 2 Plus on the Vita. But the last Civ game on a PlayStation console was Civilization Revolution on the PS3 in 2010. So it has been quite some time since the popular strategy series was on one of Sony’s home systems. There was no word of an Xbox One port from Firaxis, as the game is also not currently out on Microsoft’s console either. Perhaps this port paves the way for the Xbox to get in on the strategy series for the first time in many years.