New Death Stranding trailer revealed at State of Play 2019

A short new Death Stranding trailer was revealed at Sony’s PlayStation State of Play 2019. The quick trailer was mostly a highlight of clips from previous Death Stranding trailers, but it included a brand new reveal at the end: There will be a Death Stranding limited edition PS4 Pro bundle.

The bundle features a translucent yellow-orange DualShock 4 controller that mimics the color of the Bridge Babies’ pods (perfect for when you’ll have to shake the controller to rock your B.B. into calmness). The Death Stranding logo is printed on the controller’s touch pad. The PS4 Pro console itself features 1TB of storage. It’s covered in a matte white finish, save for the center band of black and two large, inky hand prints resembling those left by Death Stranding‘s invisible B.P. enemies. The front of the console features a simplified Death Stranding logo, printed in yellow-orange text near the disc drive.

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Being a Death Stranding bundle, the limited edition console also comes with a physical copy of Death Stranding. And, since Death Stranding supports dynamic 4K resolution, the PS4 Pro bundle could theoretically be a thematically appropriate console with which to experience the game’s enhanced resolution capabilities. The Death Stranding limited edition PS4 Pro bundle will release on November 8, the same day as Death Stranding‘s release date, for $399.99.

One of the most anticipated games of 2019, Death Stranding recently saw some controversy when a Hideo Kojima’s mistranslated tweet implied the creator was claiming credit for everything from scripting to visual design. Even if he didn’t do everything himself, Kojima’s strange (but not inky) hand prints are all over Death Stranding: The game makes you drink Monster Energy, features all kinds of strange celebrity cameos, and tasks players with participating in all kinds of odd mechanics. Death Stranding is certainly an enigmatic game, to be sure — though a recent TGS Death Stranding livestream revealed some more concrete details about its gameplay.