First Super Nintendo World leaked images feature Mario’s iconic flagpole

A couple of Super Nintendo World leaked images have appeared, and they will give you a great insight into the world’s first ever Mario and friends theme park. No more concept art or pretty mock-ups, this is the real deal and many players are surely itching for the opening day.

These new images show that Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan are going the full distance in order to please fans of the popular developer, but there is a lot more in store yet to be revealed.

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The first Super Nintendo World leaked images are evidently faithful to the studio’s most popular character, Mario. The Nintendo area is being built within Universal Studios Japan and features the iconic Super Mario Bros flagpole, the same one that many players struggled to jump over, mostly by taking advantage of a glitch. We wouldn’t recommend trying to leap over the real flagpole, though.

The Mario set also boasts a single Hatena block and a few clouds. Judging by the dark space next to the clouds, these are most likely moving platforms, but other assets are expected to move as well, bringing the entire scenario to life.

This whole set is likely to be just for showing, an impressive build able to awe visitors of the Super Nintendo World. The theme park will open with two rides, Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventures, with the former already sounding like a colossal hit in the making.

Visitors will be able to purchase merchandise and buy food, but one of the most interesting aspects is the magnetic wristband that visitors get to wear. The wristband will provide an interactive experience and keep track of your score in the park, complete with console connectivity, probably for the Nintendo Switch.

While the first park is under construction in Japan, Super Nintendo World is going to expand into other territories, including the United States.