ESO ‘Slay Dragons, Save Cats’ charity campaign has players saving feline lives

As part of an unusual charity drive, Bethesda has launched an event within its MMORPG The Elder Scrolls: Online that allows players to kill dragons in order to help fund animal welfare donations from the video game publisher. The ESO “Slay Dragons, Save Cats” campaign is running now through to December 9, 2019, and every five foul, fire-breathing dragons that are slain in that window will add $1 to the overall donation pot.

The donation amount maxes out at $200,000 meaning that in order to do the most good, players are aiming to collectively bring down a whopping 1 million winged beasts over the next three month period. It’s a big ask, but players have already managed to achieve the feat since ESO‘s Elsweyr expansion released this June. What’s more, Bethesda has also offered a helping hand by pointing out that there are plenty of dragons to battle in Northern and Southern Elsweyr, as well as in the Scalebreaker DLC dungeon “Lair of Maarselok.”

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Bethesda’s announcement confirmed that two charities are set to benefit from the ESO community’s combined efforts, those being the Best Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS. You can learn more about both charities and track the progress of the ‘Slay Dragons, Save Cats’ campaign by visiting its official website.

If supporting a good cause wasn’t already enough reason for you to boot up your copy of The Elder Scrolls: Online, you can also earn a variety of in-game rewards and participate in additional activities throughout the duration of the event. These include the suitably Halloween-themed Witches Festival running October 24 to November 3, complete with “ghastly quests and spooky new rewards,” as well as the perfectly timed Dawn of the Dragonguard event running November 26 to December 8, which offers double the rewards for slaying dragons.

Players that get involved in the ESO ‘Slay Dragons, Save Cats’ festivities are encouraged to share their stories on social media using #SlayDragonsSaveCats. Apparently Bethesda will reshare their favorites.