Twitch donations backfire for xQc as perfectly timed response debunks excuses

Professional livestreamer and former Overwatch League competitor xQc recently encountered issues with solving a problem in Total Mayhem Games’ new independent puzzle adventure We Were Here Together. After giving up on beating one of the title’s many mind-bending conundrums, he dismisses any shortcomings as being with the game rather than himself, but after claiming to be the victim of a “bug” Twitch donations backfire for xQc.

There’s often a relatively long pause between donations being submitted and then subsequently read out on stream, due to the inherent delay with live video broadcasting. That makes the absolutely perfect timing of one xQc fan’s donation readout even more impressive, as the message instantly countered the streamer’s continued complaints that the puzzle in question was “bugged.”

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Twitch donations backfire for xQc - We Were Here Together

“It was bugged, I don’t care” he tells the chatroom, presumably as they protest his claims, before a champion among them gives rise to offer a donation that reads “no it wasn’t bugged, you idiot.” Pausing to hear the donor out, xQc sits in quiet contemplation as to the remainder of the message explains that he’d been going about solving the puzzle all wrong; seemingly, he’d failed to position or sequence a number of shields depicting symbols correctly.

That’s pretty routine as far as video game puzzle logic goes, and seemingly Félix “xQc” Lengyel was keenly aware of that fact. In a solemn, almost embarrassed response the streamer whispers “shut up” before chewing on his bottom lip and staring silently off into space. Being beaten in an argument by an automated robot voice obviously takes its toll…

The public figure has had newsworthy run-ins based on donations before. Just last month xQc said that a parent should “educate [their] f***ing child” instead of expecting him to refund money that the child in question had spent without their parent’s prior knowledge.