Smash Bros and Tekken devs won’t ‘negotiate with spammers and terrorists,’ says Harada

Bandai Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada isn’t taking too kindly to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter requests. The Tekken producer and general manager for the studio’s original IP games reacted on Twitter, asking fans to stop spamming the developers and Smash series creator Masahiro Sakurai with relentless requests.

Harada was firing on all cylinders as well; he called players “spammers and terrorists,” to general surprise. This incident even got Harada trending on Twitter, with over 6,000 tweets at the time of writing.

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“If you are still relentlessly spamming, that just means hampering the work of @Sora_Sakurai and Bandai Namco’s Smash development team,” Harada tweeted. “Just One Tweet is enough for request. DO NOT SPAMMING [sic] to us.”

The rest of the tweet included the following quote: “Developers don’t negotiate with Spammer and terrorists.” This sentence led to a lot of user comments, most of them showing their surprise for the choice of words, while a few others seemed to corroborate Harada’s point of view concerning the annoying amount of fighter spam requests.

Smash Bros Bandai Namco Harada Rosalina

In a previous tweet, Harada said that he would speak to Mr. Sakurai and the Bandai Namco Smash development team so that the requests from a few users would not be approved. He ended up muting a handful of users, some of them with suggestive handles such as @SoraForSmash or @JonesyForSmash. Later, he clarified his stance by saying that “99.999% of gamers will not be spammers,” but that “this is a kind of noise and very annoying.”

This isn’t the first time that there is some palpable tension between Smash Bros. fans and the development team, Sakurai included. In late 2018, he had to address the fans by asking them to stay on topic and refrain from flooding them with never-ending requests. Clearly, his plea fell on deaf ears; and no, Goku isn’t coming to Smash, because only video game characters have the privilege of becoming a part of the roster of this true gaming compendium.