Blizzcon protests will be fueled by free ‘Mei with Hong Kong’ t-shirts

We can’t say for sure whether or not any Blizzcon protests will be taking place this year in light of the Blizzard Hong Kong situation, but one activist group is doing their part to make it happen. Freedom HK will be giving away free ‘Mei with Hong Kong’ t-shirts to Blizzcon attendees at this year’s show.

The announcement that free Mei With Hong Kong t-shirts would be given away was made via the official Freedom HK Twitter. In it, they detail the dates and times for when they’ll have people in person at Blizzcon to give away these unique t-shirts featuring the Overwatch character Mei showing her support for Hong Kong, a city that has been protesting increasing Chinese control over the last several months.

Blizzcon Protests Blizzard Hong Kong


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“#FreedomHK GIVEAWAY,” the tweet began. “Hey #Blizzcon, Hong Kong is coming for ya! We’ll be distributing our #MeiWithHongKong tshirts to Blizzcon-goers on: 1–2 Nov, From 7am, at the Anaheim Convention Center (TBA spot)[.] RT & help us spread the word! Stay tuned for more details in the next few days!”

The account continued with another tweet, reminding people about the event that may very well spawn Blizzcon protests.

“#TBT How @Blizzard_Ent kowtowed to China & punished gamer for voicing support for #HongKongProtests,” the follow-up tweet stated, showing an image of Blitzchung during his on-air protest at a Hearthstone tournament in a post-match livestream interview. “Though prize money’s now restored, @blitzchungHS’s still barred from Hearthstone competitions for 6 mths. #FreedomHK #MeiWtihHongKong #BoycottBlizzard[.]”

Many are speculating that Blizzcon protests will take place this year following the ban of Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai who shouted, “Liberate Hong Kong!” in a post-match interview on an official Hearthstone livestream. Adding fuel to the fire is the inability for people to refund tickets along with money sunk into things like hotel rooms and rented cars. Ostensibly, some people are going to show up with the intention to protest since they already own a ticket.

Whether or not Blizzcon protests make a dent in this year’s experience, it seems that Freedom HK will be there to greet them in style with a free t-shirt. You’ll be able to attend Blizzcon on Friday, November 1, 2019, and Saturday, November 2, 2019, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.