PSP Sales Remain Strong In Japan Despite Impending Vita Boost

Japanese sales tracker Media Create is coming at you with another batch of figures to point fingers over. While Sony fans have something to celebrate, the PSPgo has practically admitted defeat at this point. The PSP platform took first and last place in hardware sales. The Nintendo 3DS pushed modest numbers in second place and the PS3 had the best week out of the three home consoles. Here are the numbers:

PSP – 33,609
Nintendo 3DS – 24,283
PlayStation 3 – 15,987
Wii – 7,438
Nintendo DSi LL – 5,197
Nintendo DSi – 5,106
Xbox 360 – 2,303
PlayStation 2 – 1,274
Nintendo DS Lite – 139
PSPgo – 76

Nintendo's sales numbers got good help from two pieces of new software: One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP encouraged new 3DS ownership and Pandora's Tower, a currently Japan-only Wii action game aided Nintendo's fading home console. I'm actually really, really interested in Pandora's Tower, the same way I was interested in Sin & Punishment from Treasure. A Nintendo published action game? Please bring it stateside! If it'll move even a few more Wiis out the door, it'll have done its job in America.