Modern Warfare players want map voting back

When Modern Warfare released last week, it did so without one specific feature from previous Call of Duty games: Map voting. The game’s community has taken issue with this omission, to the surprise of no one, and players are now asking for map voting to return to Modern Warfare.

For those not familiar with map voting, the feature does exactly what it says. In previous Call of Duty games, after an online match completed, players would be allowed to vote for which map (and mode) they’d like to play next. For some reason, however, Activision and Infinity Ward decided not to include the feature in Modern Warfare.

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A post asking for the return of the feature currently ranks as the top thread over on the Modern Warfare subreddit. In addition to map voting, said thread also takes issue with another thing the game does now that the feature is gone: Currently, Modern Warfare disbands lobbies after every match.

Both issues seem to be related to one another. The fact that lobbies get disbanded immediately means that there’s no way for a group of players to vote for a map—they all just get sent into different matches.

Modern Warfare players want map voting back

Some redditors have posited that it may be hard to address both points due to how Modern Warfare‘s quickplay system works. Currently, the game allows players to set a number of parameters before going into matchmaking. It’s believed that the lobbies are disbanded after a match to allow players to enter matchmaking again based on the quickplay parameters.

Infinity Ward has yet to make a statement about the situation. That said, the developer has been active with responding to the community’s grievances. Just recently,  the development team talked about a number of things it was looking into adjust to address the game’s camping problem. Interestingly enough, enabling map voting could also help with this. With the Picadilly map being seen as being very camper-friendly, adding the vote feature back in could allow players to simply stop voting to play on it.