Mass Effect remaster is still MIA on yet another uneventful N7 Day

The topic of a Mass Effect remaster comes up every year, especially around November when N7 Day rolls around on the fateful seventh day of the month. And fans are disappointed every one of those years as news of a remastered trilogy falls by the wayside. 2019 is no different as neither EA or BioWare have said anything about an incoming remastered bundle or Switch port of the franchise’s best games.

The official BioWare Twitter account was fairly quiet today on November 7. It tweeted some vague quotes overlaid with some Mass Effect footage before retweeting some Mass Effect-related giveaways, an explainer video, and a few products.

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But it wasn’t completely devoid of teasers. BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson said that the team has “many ideas for things we want to do” before stating that there are still “so many stories yet to tell.” This sentiment echoes what BioWare has said in the past even after Andromeda‘s cold critical reception. Project Director Michael Gamble also gestured at the future of the series, asking players where they wanted Mass Effect to go. Like every year, a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy was one of the biggest demands in the replies.

mass effect remaster

[Image Source: Casey Hudson/Twitter]

Yet, this seems unlikely to be announced today especially considering how EA has not typically been privy to re-releasing its titles or has been extremely slow to do so. There’s not much of a point to remaster sports games, which are the EA’s biggest output but the publisher’s other titles don’t get much affection either. Beloved titles like Mirror’s EdgeDead SpaceBrütal Legend, and Shadows of the Damned sit on their respective original platforms with no word of updates. There is a Burnout Paradise remaster but is often on sale for around $5 and has been almost since its release in March 2018.

But a Command and Conquer remaster is on the way, however, as well as some other undisclosed remasters. EA held a conference call with its investors just last month and stated that it had “some exciting remasters of fan favorites” in the works that will release in the 2021 fiscal year.

These mysterious remasters could be a slow turn away from its previous stance of being against them. Former EA COO Peter Moore told IGN in 2015 that they “don’t know where we find the time to do remakes” before explaining that EA was “a company that just likes to push forward.”

Regardless, if a Mass Effect remaster is coming, it won’t be happening in the immediate future.