Rumor: Horizon Zero Dawn PC release might be coming in 2020

Horizon Zero Dawn PC release may be coming in 2020 in advance of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 — at least if a rumor from an independent Russian game journalist is to be believed.

Indie Russian game journalist Anton Logvinov — formerly of the Russian video games magazine Igromania —asserts that a Horizon Zero Dawn PC version will be arriving in February of next year. That sounds fantastical enough as it is, but the reason it’s coming to PC is even crazier: according to him, it’s going to be building hype up for the sequel.

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A submission on the /r/pcgaming subreddit highlights this rumor and summarizes it exactly as we’ve said so far. In short, Mr. Logvinov discusses the life cycle of video games in his video and notes that sales on a console eventually come to a standstill. Citing the recent PC release of Quantic Dreams’ games, he notes that eventually, developers are going to be keen to open up a new market. He then states that we’re going to be seeing a Horizon Zero Dawn PC release early next year.

In technical terms, it’s certainly possible for this to be done. After all, Horizon Zero Dawn runs on the same engine that Death Stranding uses, and Death Stranding is definitely coming to PC;  Horizon Zero Dawn making the transition probably wouldn’t be all that difficult from a technical perspective. What does make a PC release difficult is that it was developed as a Sony-exclusive title by a Sony-owned developer.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC trees

However, such a release might not be as crazy as you think. Chairman of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden spoke to Bloomberg after Gamescom and hinted that we might finally be seeing some PlayStation exclusives release on other platforms.

“We must support the PlayStation platform — that is [non-negotiable],” Mr. Layden said in the Bloomberg article. “That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.”

There’s also the matter of a voice actress having hinted towards the existence of a sequel earlier this year, further lending credence to this rumor.

So, will we see a Horizon Zero Dawn PC release? It’s technically possible, Mr. Layden’s comments from earlier in the year certainly make it seem plausible, and there have been plenty of rumors (though no outright confirmations) of Horizon Zero Dawn 2. However, we can’t independently confirm this specific rumor, so take it with a big, fat grain of salt. You can see Mr. Logvinov discuss the rumor in the video below, though you’ll need to speak Russian to understand him best.