Pokemon Sword and Shield bans issued to high-rank players, seemingly in error

Pokemon Sword and Shield bans have seemingly been given out to Master Ball rank players following a maintenance period. What’s worse, the rank of these top-tier Pokemon Sword and Shield players appears to have been erased.

A submission to the /r/pokemon subreddit claims that Pokemon Sword and Shield bans are being handed out to Master Ball rank players from one of the players of that rank. According to them, their lower-ranked friends are unaffected.

Pokemon Sword and Shield bans gigantamax

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“[People] who are reporting that they just reached master ball tier are noticing that the standings have totally changed,” the Reddit submission stated. “It seems like anyone who reached master ball tier before the [maintenance] got their ratings erased!”

“So I checked this out in a panic hurry, since I reached the top 500 pretty recently in singles (and also the top 1k in doubles, though not as great of an [accomplishment] there tbh),” the Reddit submission continued. “And… yeah, I get a communication error whenever I try to connect to ranked battles, but my buddies below master ball tier can play just fine.”

/u/Theorymon, the Redditor who submitted this information to the /r/pokemon subreddit, said that he went to check out the situation after a famous Pokemon trainer by the name of Sejun Park tweeted about the issue.

“Looks like players who already reached Master Ball Tier before maintenance are now all banned from playing Ranked Battles?????” read the tweet from Sejun Park. “New Master Ball Tier players are getting a new standing too, the original ranking is gone[.]”

“Yeah, happened to me too,” read another comment in the Reddit thread. “I’ve heard some people speculate that they’re trying to overhaul the way ranks are formulated in which case the bug might be that new players are able to play in the tier right now, but I’m skeptical because if that’s the case why wouldn’t they announce it? the whole situation is really annoying and I hope they fix it ASAP[.]”

It seems that no one has pinned down the exact reason as to why these Pokemon Sword and Shield bans are taking place. This does seem to be a massive error on Game Freak’s part — it’s hoped that this will all get sorted out sooner rather than later.