WATCH: Battlefield 5 Wake Island trailer is an awesome throwback

Get ready for some nostalgia: the Battlefield 5 Wake Island trailer is here. One of the most iconic maps from the franchise is now making its way to Battlefield 5, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous.

The Battlefield 5 Wake Island Trailer opens up with marines landing on the beach and entering into chaotic, close-quarters combat. After a short battle, we get a flashback to the original Wake Island map in Battlefield 1942 and its newer edition in Battlefield 1943. Now, a greatly-improved version is coming to Battlefield 5.

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The size of the map is roughly twice as long as it’s ever been before as noted in the Battlefield 5 Wake Island Trailer. It’s also been made a little flatter, and you have a second chance if your vehicle rolls into the water — at least if you have one of the amphibious boats.

You can watch the Battlefield 5 Wake Island trailer for yourself below.