Bethesda ends Elder Scrolls: Legends development

Bethesda has officially put a hold on The Elder Scrolls: Legends development “for the foreseeable future.” The company will still support the game with online servers, monthly card rewards, and events, but it will not release any new content.

In an announcement on Reddit, Bethesda said it decided to scrap The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ previous roadmap and put all new content on hold. The company said GAEA Mobile will still be releasing and developing Asia-specific versions of Legends, but those versions will be operated separately from the ones in other regions.

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Bethesda changed The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ developer in mid-2018, replacing Dire Wolf Digital with Sparkypants Studios. Sparkypants completely reworked the game’s According to SteamCharts, The Elder Scrolls legends saw occasional upticks in player numbers on PC over its lifetime, but it has peaked at only around 1,000 to 2,000 players since May 2018. While these numbers are for PC only and don’t necessarily reflect the game’s entire player base, they’re indicative of its dwindling audience.