Spellbreak is a Magical Battle Royale Coming to PS4 in 2020

One of the more curious (but still quite welcome) announcements at State of Play was Spellbreak, a magic Battle Royale that’s in development by Proletariat. If you’ve ever wanted to be a powerful wizard, then Spellbreak might be for you.

In Spellbreak, players enter into a high-flying Battle Royale that’s different from most on the market. Rather than shoot guns and rocket launches, players will wield magical spells in an attempt to defeat their opponents. Of course, they’ll also have defensive abilities available to them; we got to see some kind of defensive shield used to protect one of the players. There’s also a fair bit of gravity-defying movement, as players were shown jumping rather high at several points.

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If this seems like the kind of game you’d enjoy, you can sign up for the Spellbreak closed beta at playspellbreak.com. You can check out the game’s Closed Beta announce trailer below.