Anthem price reduced to bargain bin levels

If you’re looking for a good holiday game discount, you might be happy to hear that the Anthem price has gone down by a bit. And by “a bit”, I mean more than 95% off the retail price of Anthem in some cases.

A submission on the /r/xboxone subreddit titled “They’re practically giving it away” shows a shelf of boxed copies of the Anthem Xbox One version for the amazingly low price of $4. That’s significantly less than its original launch price of $59.99.

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As the image shared by the Redditor has a label “Trade & Save”, I suspected that this might be at a GameStop. One search later, and I came upon the Anthem GameStop page which is currently listing the Anthem price at $5.00 new and $3.99 pre-owned as part of a deal for buying 4 pre-owned games. The Legion of Dawn editions are both discounted to $5.00 flat, and, rather hilariously, the Digital Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition is still priced at $79.99.

Bear in mind that this game came out in February of 2019 — a more than 95% discount really isn’t a good sign. BioWare has some talented developers and they might still be able to turn things around, but somehow, I have the sense that Anthem’s best shot at finding success is as a free-to-play game.