No Man’s Sky update adds audio creation tools so you can make sick beats

A new No Man’s Sky update has added an audio creation tool to the game. The ByteBeat Device works as full-on music creation software, allowing players to create music-in game to be played at their bases and to power certain objects.

Hello Games explained the new device in a development update today. According to the No Man’s Sky team, players had been frequently requesting the ability to add sounds and music to their structures. The ByteBeat Device allows for just that, procedural generating preset musical patterns which can be edited to players’ liking. Players can also hook up the device to objects such as lights to synchronize them with the beat, allowing for light shows in-time with the music.

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The Next and Beyond updates revitalized No Man’s Sky, turning what was initially a disappointment to many gamers into a title beloved my its community. Hello Games’ Sean Murray said in August that Beyond was not No Man’s Sky’s last update, resulting in additions like the ByteBeat Device. And according to Hello Games, there’s still more to come following today’s update.