French consumer magazine calls Nintendo Switch the most fragile product of 2019

French Magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs (“60 Million Consumers“) has recognized the Nintendo Switch with the publication’s “Cactus of the Too-Fragile Product” award. The, erm, “honor” of calling the Nintendo Switch fragile came as a part of 60 Million’s “Cactus de la Conso” (“Cactus of Consumption”) awards, which recognize the worst companies of the year.

60 Million (translation via Google) said it gave the Switch the award because of the console’s notorious Joy-Con drift issues and a number of other hardware problems experienced by some users. The publication included input from a number of consumers, including a Parisian repair shop manager who said they “receive between fifty and a hundred Switch consoles” to repair each month.

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After reports of Joy-Con drift began to proliferate earlier this year, an American law firm filed a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo for the issue, after which Nintendo began providing repair services to some Switch owners whose warranties had already run out. The newly released Switch Lite then reportedly had drift issues of its own.