Skies of Arcadia developer wants to create a sequel

Skies of Arcadia continues to be a fan favorite despite releasing nearly 20 years ago. In fact, there are plenty of players who bring up the game whenever all-time RPG greats are mentioned. With such a fervent fan base, it’s no surprise that players want to see a sequel. As it turns out, one of the game’s original developers wants to create a Skies of Arcadia sequel, too.

Kenji Hiruta, former developer for Sega and map programmer on Skies of Arcadia, replied to a Twitter thread expressing his desire to create a sequel to the hit Dreamcast game. His enthusiasm is obvious given his word choice: he “really really” wants to develop a Skies of Arcadia sequel.

The reply was made to a Twitter thread that urged players to express their interest in a new Skies of Arcadia game. To make matters more interesting, Hiruta’s own Twitter feed is loaded with callouts to the game. It’s not just the fans who have kept the love alive — the developers want to see more Arcadia, too.

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For those who may have missed it, Skies of Arcadia was a role-playing game that followed the adventure of Vyse, a so-called air pirate attempting to save the world from an evil empire. The game featured a vibrant art style, a charming story, and unique locations set within islands floating in the sky. Aside from turn-based battles, the game also notably featured high-flying airship battles. It was an usual blend that just worked, helping it stand out among a crowd of largely similar JRPG releases of the time.

Skies of Arcadia was something of a critical hit, but it never really reached true commercial success. Following its launch, continued fan interest eventually resulted in the 2002 release of Skies of Arcadia Legends for the Nintendo Gamecube. The re-release was once again well-loved, but sales stagnated, and it’s been consigned to the history books since.

Despite the years, RPG fans haven’t stopped praising Skies of Arcadia, and it seems at least one developer is ready to work on a new entry. This isn’t to say that a Skies of Arcadia sequel will ever become a reality, but the interest is out there. If you’re one of the players who wants to see a new Skies of Arcadia game, now is the time to make your voice heard.