Horizon: Zero Dawn PC release reportedly on the way

Horizon: Zero Dawn, a Sony first-party PlayStation exclusive, is getting a PC release, according to a new report. The Horizon: Zero Dawn PC release will reportedly come later this year.

According to a new report from Kotaku, three people “familiar with Sony’s plans” have anonymously confirmed the Horizon: Zero Dawn PC port. Such a release would be the first PlayStation first-party PC port, marking a potential shift in the company’s strategy going into the next generation of consoles. Microsoft has long released first-party games on both Xbox consoles and PC, but Sony has kept its exclusives closely guarded.

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That said, Horizon: Zero Dawn wouldn’t be the first PlayStation exclusive to later receive a PC port. Recently, Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding received a summer 2020 PC launch window. Still, Kojima Productions is not a Sony-owned studio, so Death Stranding’s move to PC is less unexpected. Former Sony Interactive Entertainment executive Shawn Layden previously said PS4 exclusives could come to PC, and Horizon: Zero Dawn appears to be the first of these potential ports.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC monster bird

Even if Sony begins releasing PC versions of its first-party games, it’s possible they will remain PlayStation-exclusive for a period of time. After all, Horizon: Zero Dawn released way back in February 2017, and it will likely be at least seven months between Death Stranding’s PS4 and PC releases, so it’s possible future PC ports will also see similar delays.

Releasing games on PC could be a big help towards Sony’s software sales, but the potential impact on hardware sales is a bit less predictable. One of the biggest selling points of PlayStation systems is their supply of well-made, story-based exclusive games like God of War and Horizon. These single-player titles stand out in today’s market of multiplayer and live-service games, making a compelling argument for owning a PlayStation. If these games begin releasing on PC, as well, Sony could potentially see a dip in console sales. But as the PS4 led this generation’s console sales, perhaps Sony is in the perfect position to take that kind of hit.