Pokemon Home price will be 200% higher than last generation’s Bank

The Pokemon Home price has just been revealed, and it’s pretty bad news for Pokemon fans on a budget. It looks like Pokemon Home is going to be more than three times as expensive as its predecessor Pokemon Bank.

The new details about Pokemon Home were highlighted by gaming industry Twitter personality @Wario64 earlier today. The page itself has all sorts of details about how the service will work, but the most astonishing of all is just how much more it’s going to cost.

Pokemon Home price How it Works

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As the Pokemon Bank Nintendo eShop page shows, you’re able to use the service at the pretty reasonable price of $4.99 or your regional equivalent per year. Pokemon Home, meanwhile, costs much more.

Here are the pricing tiers for both services:

Pokemon Bank Price:

  • 1 year: $4.99

Pokemon Home Price:

  • 1 month (3o days): $2.99
  • 3 months (90 days): $4.99
  • 12 months/1 year (365 days): $15.99

You’ll note that the price for a year of service has jumped from $4.99 to $15.99. That’s more than a 200% increase — 220.44%, if you want to be specific.

It’s not all downsides, though. A Basic plan will be available which will allow users to take advantage of some of the Pokemon Home functionality, though there should be a strong emphasis on “basic.” While the $15.99/year Premium plan will allow storage of 6,000 Pokemon, the Basic plan only has space for 30. The Judge function is unavailable to Basic plan members, and while they will be able to participate in Room Trades, they won’t be able to host them.

While the Pokemon Home price is indeed higher, it does contain some benefits. The amount of Pokemon that can be stored has doubled when compared to Pokemon Bank, and Pokemon Home will also include support for every game released so far including Pokemon Go. Whether or not paying $15.99 a year is worth it is something that you’ll have to decide for yourself. You can find out more about Pokemon Home on its website.