Twitch big head mode is like a classic cheat code

A new craze is starting to brew among Twitch streamers. Twitch big head mode looks like a classic throwback to cheat codes from games like Goldeneye and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and it’s pretty darn funny.

The genesis of the Twitch big head mode meme appears to be from during a stream by the esports organization Method. World of Warcraft was being discussed while a Save the Children fundraiser was going on at the same time. At some point, someone on the production staff made one of the streamer’s heads appear to be larger, making for a hilarious moment when the man first noticed.

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That same on-air personality shot for the moon and tried to get his crotch into the shot, doubling over in laughter with his fellow presenter upon succeeding.

As soon as the Twitch clip began to get popular, it immediately inspired pokelawls to imitate the effect and present his own take on the Twitch big head mode meme.

Twitch Big Head mode pokelawls

So, how did they manage to pull it off? Judging by the borders around the head, it seems that the streamers created another, smaller window for their camera feed focused in on the head in their respective streaming programs. From there, it was simply a matter of placing the zoomed-in camera over their body in a way that makes it look like they have a bigger head.

Understandably, the community has already taken to this meme and cranked out a gif of pokelawls feigning anger.

The presentation of a comically-large head is well-familiar to the gaming world. Goldeneye 64 had a cheat that increased the head size of players to ridiculous proportions, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater had a mode where you had to keep performing tricks to keep your head from inflating too large and eventually exploding.

As both of the previous Twitch clips have gotten pretty popular, we’re sure to see more streamers doing the same effect (or a variant thereof) in the coming days. You can see some more of the Twitch big head mode meme in action below.