Veteran fans looking forward to Devil May Cry 3 Easy Mode shaming new players

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, Devil May Cry 3 Easy Mode was viewed as a mark of shame among fans of the game. Now, the veterans of the original are looking forward to new fans getting burned by the challenge with the upcoming Nintendo Switch launch.

For the sake of context, Devil May Cry 3 Easy Mode isn’t available from the beginning. Instead, it is only unlocked after you have died multiple times. What was meant as a feature for player convenience has also been noted as a mark of shame, especially since the DMC series is particularly challenging.

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One submission on the /r/DevilMayCry subreddit highlights the particular challenge of fighting Vergil in the game, simply titled “Soon” and showing a fake news ticker. Another submission to the same subreddit shows our header image, stating that “A whole new group of people will get to see this tomorrow.”

Redditors shared their favorite moments for when they got hit with the “Easy Mode” message, highlighting Cerberus, Agni, and Rudra as particularly difficult bosses to fight. Unsurprisingly, Vergil has been held up as the most likely challenge where players will fail.

Tomorrow’s release of Devil May Cry 3 on the Nintendo Switch is sure to bring a lot of new players to the franchise… and a lot of frustration.

[Image credit: /u/darkwingchao on Reddit]