Monster Hunter movie posters

Monster Hunter movie posters are kind of disappointing

Sony Pictures has revealed the Monster Hunter movie posters and… well, they’re a wee bit bland.

The film company revealed two poster designs featuring the film’s stars Mila Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Fifth Element) and Tony Jaa (Ong BakThe Protector/Tom Yum Goong). Each star is shown wielding the franchise’s characteristically oversized weaponry while wearing leather and fur armor… and that’s about it. Mila Jovovich is shown holding a large sword and Tony Jaa is wielding a comically-oversized bow.

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While the human characters are surely the focus here, there’s an awful lot of dead space in the posters. We get to see a featureless wasteland in the background and no monsters, which is a pretty notable omission for a movie that’s all about hunting monsters.

You can see the Monster Hunter movie posters for yourself in the tweet below. This film based on CAPCOM’s action-packed franchise is expected to arrive in theaters sometime in the fall of 2020.

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