The Resident Evil movie reboot cast has us worried

Resident Evil movie reboot is officially in the works. This new film has ambitious plans to revive what has been a billion-dollar film franchise and promises to stay faithful to the original source material, but the Resdent Evil movie reboot cast is already raising some questions.

Last year’s revival of Resident Evil 2 helped bring the video game franchise back to its survival horror roots. While Resident Evil 3 didn’t quite replicate the success of its predecessor, it still signaled that Capcom was eager to refocus the franchise on survival horror. The new Resident Evil movie reboot aims to do the same, but the first few details about this upcoming movie are already troubling.

The Resident Evil movie reboot cast is worrying

Resident Evil movie reboot Umbrella hallway

The Resident Evil movie reboot cast has been revealed by Deadline. The casting, however, isn’t the biggest problem with this upcoming film; rather, the issue is with the characters these people will be playing. Here is the Resident Evil movie reboot cast:

  • William Berkin – Neal McDonough (Yellowstone)
  • Leon Kennedy – Avana Jogia (Zombieland: Double Tap)
  • Chris Redfield – Robbie Amell (Upload)
  • Claire Redfield – Kaya Scodelario (The Maze Runner)
  • Jill Valentine – Hanna John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp)
  • Albert Wesker – Tom Hopper (The Umbrella Academy)

Each and every one of these characters are iconic to the early games in the Resident Evil franchise. However, many of them don’t quite cross paths at the same time. The events of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, for example, don’t take place until several months after the T-Virus outbreak has already begun.

This will be an original adaptation of the origin story, so it’s forgivable if it doesn’t exactly follow the existing Resident Evil timeline. That said, the Resident Evil movie reboot is taking characters from the first three games and trying to squeeze all of them into one movie.

The Resident Evil movie reboot may be trying to lay the groundwork for a new series of films in the hopes of replicating the success of the previous films headed up by Mila Jovovich, an actress who has since moved on to the Monster Hunter film. Trying to include all of these iconic characters and their stories into one movie will be a daunting challenge for the people making this new project.