WATCH: Nintendo’s early days revealed in 30-year-old footage

Archival BBC footage has popped up on the Internet, giving us a look at Nintendo’s early days before the company became the juggernaut that it is today.

A submission to the /r/Nintendo subreddit this morning highlights a seven-minute video from a 1990 episode of the BBC’s Money Programme. This particular episode of the show was discussing the Japanese software industry and what they can learn from Nintendo, a company that had been working with video games for nearly 20 years at the time.

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While that subject may be of interest to some, there’s a treasure trove of gaming history covered in this movie. Shigeru Miyamoto talks about how Nintendo employees aren’t paid “glamorously.”

The BBC crew was careful not to reveal any upcoming game releases, but we do get to see some Super Mario Bros. 3 development in action. Shigeru Miyamoto is also shown going over some drawings of characters for future games.

You can watch the Money Programme segment highlighting Nintendo’s early days at the BBC’s website.