New Naruto MMORPG brings exciting ninja action to Android and iOS

new Naruto MMORPG is coming to Android and iOSNaruto: Slugfest promises to throw players into the exciting world of Naruto’s ninja action in a brand-new, open-world experience, and you can pre-register for it right now.

Naruto: Slugfest bears the distinction of being the first officially-licensed MMORPG in the Naruto franchise. While a game like this could have easily ended up on consoles or the PC, it’s instead going to be coming to mobile devices to make it open to pretty much everyone.

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There won’t be any slow turn-based battles here, asplayers are going to fight in real-time. You’ll be battling alongside classic characters from the franchise while playing as all-new ninjas drawn by official animators from the series.

At the start, you’ll be able to pick between the Thunder Assassin, Earth Keeper, Wind Shooter, or Blazing Lotus as you charge into battle against Konoha’s foes. Each of these four classes has passive and active abilities that bring a lot of variety to gameplay for new Naruto fans and veterans alike.`

Naruto: Slugfest is an officially-licensed game that’s under development from a new mobile games company called Mars Games. You’ll be able to play this new Naruto MMORPG sometime in Spring 2020. For now, you can head over to its official website to pre-register for Android and iOS.