If you can’t wait for the Death Stranding PC version, here’s Walking Simulator

The Death Stranding PC release is almost upon us with its new photo mode, ultra-widescreen support, and Denuvo DRM. But if you can’t wait just a few months for the PC port of one of Hideo Kojima’s most divisive games, then you can try something a bit less polished on the platform. The derogatorily named Walking Simulator hit Steam today for free and lets players run around in a snowy dystopia with a big ol’ backpack.

The game’s Steam page looks fairly rushed as its description is not only quite tacky, but also not the most grammatically correct listing on the store. In fact, the two descriptions on the page each list a different year: 2022 and 2020. Its description talks about “world war III” and how the coronavirus destroyed the civilized world, which appears insensitive, given the stakes and how it most likely doesn’t treat the outbreak in a nuanced fashion.

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This non-serious attitude is also showcased in the game’s trailer, which contains a ton of fake quotes and a ton of physics-driven stumbles and flips. These were, of course, quite the rage around the internet when Death Stranding came out and seem to be just part of Walking Simulator‘s motivation to tease Kojima’s most recent title at every turn.